Wednesday, November 10, 2010


While I was at CBS Radio I was instrumental in helping to build WWJ's e-newsletter department. One of the newsletters I helped create was GreatStuff, our arts and entertainment web sites. Below is a sample of one of GreatStuff's special editions.

This newsletter in particular was custom created by me. I took the existing css from our existing newsletter and modified it so that it would fit this new format. From there I created a completely new template. You can download the full file here.

A second newsletter I worked on was called Michigan Home News. This was our Handy at Home guide. In this newsletter I edited the copy, formatted the code and maintained the companion website.

You can download a sample of the newsletter here.

I developed and maintained over a dozen e-newsletter and websites at CBS Radio. These two are merely a sample of what I accomplished at CBS.

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